Starcore Mining

Designing for a Year of Mining Milestones

Project Scope

Designing for the Year


In 2022, our design team collaborated with Starcore Mining to produce their annual report. This partnership allowed us to highlight their commitment to sustainability while improving the accessibility and engagement of the report.

Goals for 2022 Annual Report

Our primary objective for the 2022 annual report was to create a visually compelling and user-friendly document. We aimed to design a PowerPoint-style PDF with customized navigation features, making it easy for stakeholders to navigate through different sections. Additionally, we focused on aligning the report's aesthetics with Starcore Mining's branding and sustainability ethos. Our plan included enhancing accessibility, ensuring visual consistency, clarifying content, and enhancing overall visual appeal.

Collaborative Approach

Working closely with Starcore Mining's IR team, Mercova, we implemented engaging design elements throughout the report. We utilized stylized infographics, including a timeline of news events and "by the numbers" section, to present information clearly. Incorporating Starcore Mining's imagery, we introduced a vibrant green color palette to reinforce their sustainability initiatives. Additionally, we employed gradients to seamlessly merge pages, ensuring a cohesive visual experience. Through this collaborative effort, we aimed to deliver an annual report that effectively communicates Starcore Mining's achievements and sustainability commitments while captivating stakeholders' attention.

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