Onyen Corporation

Bringing Sustainability to the Public through Design

Project Scope

Embracing Sustainability


In 2023, our design team collaborated with Onyen Corporation, a sustainability reporting SAAS software company, to enhance their "Pretty Report" templates. Our collaboration extended to providing custom report design services and crafting a brochure highlighting the distinctions between template and custom reports. Beyond these projects, we partnered on various initiatives, including holiday card designs, UI/UX redesigns for future scorecards, and developing interactive scorecards for larger clients. Currently, we're focused on launching a new website for Onyen and designing a UI/UX mockup for their platform dashboard. We continue to create branded designs, such as their pitch deck, to bolster Onyen's brand identity and user experience.

Goals for Future Collaboration

Our future endeavours with Onyen Corporation aim to enhance their online presence and user experience. We're dedicated to delivering a user-friendly website that effectively communicates Onyen's value proposition and showcases their software capabilities. Additionally, we aim to design an intuitive and visually appealing platform dashboard that enhances user interaction and efficiency. Through ongoing collaboration and innovation, we're poised to contribute to Onyen's growth and success in the sustainability reporting industry.

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