Altius Renewable Royalties

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Project Scope

Nature's Palette


In 2023, Altius Renewable Royalties embarked on a journey to showcase their sustainability achievements and goals through their inaugural sustainability report. As their design partner, we collaborated closely to infuse the report with vibrant illustrations inspired by nature, including windmills, farming scenes, and natural landscapes. Our goal was to create a visually captivating experience that highlights the company's commitment to sustainability and resonates with their audience.

Goals for 2023

Our primary objective for the 2023 sustainability report was to create a visually engaging and user-friendly document that reflects Altius Renewable Royalties' values and accomplishments. We aimed to incorporate vibrant illustrations throughout the report, showcasing the company's connection to nature and sustainable practices. Additionally, we designed a dynamic navigation system with an interchanging color palette to enhance readability and guide readers seamlessly through each section. Our strategy focused on improving accessibility, maintaining visual consistency, enhancing clarity, and boosting overall visual appeal to ensure maximum engagement with the report's content.

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