McFarlane Lake Mining

Creating Presence Through Exhibition Materials

Project Scope

Design Dynamics


In our collaboration with McFarlane Lake, we embarked on a journey to design and produce a range of marketing materials aimed at enhancing their brand presence. Teaming up with our printing partner, we crafted three dynamic banners, sleek business cards, and an eye-catching accordion exhibition display. Using an infographic style, we highlighted McFarlane Lake's catalysts on one banner, while featuring a captivating image on the center banner to draw attention to their company. Additionally, we created a property banner with a fully redesigned map to showcase their assets. Our approach ensured a minimalistic design for the large display to capture attention and underscore the company's key features. The business cards were designed with a clean and modern aesthetic to further reinforce McFarlane Lake's professional image.

Goals for Continued Success

Looking forward, our collaboration with McFarlane Lake is focused on enhancing their brand visibility and market appeal. We are committed to developing impactful marketing materials that effectively convey their unique strengths and value proposition in the industry. Through strategic design, we aim to support McFarlane Lake in achieving their objectives and fostering sustained growth and success

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