Johnston 's Electical

Empowering Electrical Ventures Through Pitch Deck Design

Project Scope

Power Presentations


Johnston’s Electrical approached our design team to create their initial pitch deck, seeking a sleek and minimalist design that effectively showcased their projects and company information. Through close collaboration, we ensured that every aspect of the deck, from the layout to the messaging, was tailored to their liking. By focusing on clean design and incorporating their brand colors, we provided Johnston’s Electrical with a professional and engaging presentation to captivate potential clients and investors.


Our primary objective was to develop a visually appealing and informative pitch deck that accurately represented Johnston’s Electrical's professionalism and expertise. We aimed to maintain a minimal and clean design to allow their projects and company information to take center stage. By highlighting each project seamlessly and incorporating their brand colors throughout the deck, we aimed to enhance visual appeal and ensure maximum engagement with their audience.

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