Cafe Oui

Taking Cafe Oui From Beans to Screens

Project Scope

Brewing Designs


In 2023, our design team had the opportunity to collaborate with Cafe Oui, a beloved local Chelmsford cafe, on various projects aimed at enhancing their online presence. From the initial setup of their social media accounts to crafting their branding and startup posts, our partnership was dedicated to creating an inviting and engaging presence for Cafe Oui on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Goals for Social Media Presence

For Cafe Oui's social media presence, our primary goal was to establish an inviting and engaging online presence that reflects the charm and warmth of the cafe itself. We aimed to achieve this by creating interactive social media posts, high-quality mockups, and captivating graphics that resonate with Cafe Oui's audience. Our objective was to generate engagement and build a loyal online community around the cafe, fostering a sense of connection and excitement among customers and followers alike.

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